1. Add a Project

Portfolios are the heart of your Zealous profile. Your portfolio is what you’ll use to submit to opportunities and where people can get to know you as an artist.

Click Add Project to get started. Give your project a name, tell us what creative field it belongs to, and list your roles within the project, e.g. designer, illustrator, photographer. These roles will automatically appear in your profile’s description.

1.1. Works

Add images, text or embed media to your project. Zealous supports SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo.

To add SoundCloud, ensure ‘Display embed code’ is ticked on your track’s permissions.

If you want to add a private Vimeo link, we’ll need to authenticate your account. You’ll be prompted to go to Vimeo, where you’ll be asked to grant Zealous permission to embed your media. Once done, you’ll be redirected back to your project.

You can also give your project a short description (280 characters max) and add more creative fields to which the project belongs.

1.2. Collaborators

Click the pencil button on the top right of your Collaborators tab to add collaborators to your project.

Click Add Role to input the role your collaborator had in your project. You’ll then see a prompt to add that role to your project. Once you have selected this, you can enter the email address of your collaborator. They’ll receive an email prompting them to join Zealous. If they’re already registered, the request will appear in the alerts section of their profile.

You can add as many collaborators to your projects as you wish.

1.3. Recognition

This tab will show you how many people have viewed your project, how many times it has been added as an inspiration, how many times it has been listed on the Zealous homepage and how many times it has been shared.

It will also display any opportunities you’ve been successfully selected for via Zealous.

2. Removing a project

To remove a project, select the project and click the Edit button on the top right-hand side. At the bottom of the project information section, you’ll see Remove Project. This will permanently remove the project from your portfolio, from anyone’s inspirations tab, and from your collaborators’ profiles too—it cannot be reversed.

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