Submit to an Opportunity

1. Apply

To submit to an opportunity, first register with Zealous (it’s free for artists!).

Be sure you’re logged in when applying for opportunities.

Click the alerts tab in your profile to see opportunities relevant to your talent and interests. You can also filter opportunities by discipline on the homepage.

Once you’ve found an opportunity of interest, click the opportunity page. Scroll down to read the opportunity guidelines. Guidelines include basic submission requirements, eligibility and a summary of the rewards offered.

Look good? Click submit now to begin the submission process!

2. Submit a project

On the submissions page, you can choose to submit a new project or an existing project.

You can only submit one project at a time. Be sure to complete all submission form details to ensure easy contact with the opportunity organisers.

2.1. Submit a new Project

To submit a new project, fill in basic details and upload your work. You may use images, text, or media (film and music). Zealous supports YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud links.

If submitting a Soundcloud link, make sure you’ve checked ‘Display embed code’ on your track’s permissions.

If you’d like to submit a private Vimeo link, we will need to authenticate your Vimeo account before it can be embedded. Copy your URL into the Zealous form and follow the prompt to go to Vimeo and grant Zealous permission to host the video. Once confirmed, you’ll be automatically redirected to Zealous.

Click save when finished.

2.2. Submit an existing project

To submit an existing project, click the ‘Existing Project’ tab and select a project from your portfolio.

Once selected, you can edit any part of your project to prepare it for submission. This will edit the project in your portfolio, too.

Click save when finished.

2.3. Submit to a public vote

Submitting your work to an opportunity with public voting is the same process as any other submission.

Once submitted, the project will appear in your submissions tab along with the number of votes it has received. You can see how well you’re doing every step of the way on the opportunity’s ‘All Entries’ tab. Share that page with others to encourage them to vote for you!

3. Add personal information

Enter your address and mobile number. This information will only be available to the opportunity organisers. Your information will not be shared with third parties.

4. Payment (if applicable)

Some opportunities might charge a small submission fee. In these instances, you’ll be directed to complete the payment by card. Zealous accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

After payment, click Return to Zealous and you will be redirected to the Zealous confirmation page.

5. Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting, and your project will appear in the Submissions tab of your profile.

It will also appear on the Submissions tab of the opportunity page, showcasing it to subsequent applicants. You will also be able to see the other artists who submitted to the opportunity.

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