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Save time sourcing creative talent for your projects, jobs, residencies, exhibitions and more through open calls.

Take Submissions without the Stress

Streamline taking submissions in minutes. Create a call, then let relevant candidates submit their projects, fill custom questions and (optionally) pay an entry fee. Spend less time juggling spreadsheets, emails and documents, and more on managing your project.

Selection, your way

Select candidates yourself or invite judges to help you across multiple rounds. We’ll automatically email results to candidates, judges, and yourself each step of the way.

Access our fast growing community

We’ll boost exposure to your call by sharing it to the relevant members of our talented community, across our social media networks and to our partner networks.


Zealous simplifies the application, selection and confirmation processes, allowing you to worry about what matters most: organising your project.

Advertise your Call

Publish your call to the Zealous network, take submissions elsewhere.


Open Calls

Create your open call, accept submissions and select talent directly on Zealous.


Premium Open Calls

Just select the talent. We'll market, manage and curate submissions for you.


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Zealous gave us access to a great pool Graphic Designers focussed on single geographic area, the process was straight forward and the quality of applicants was excellent.The Globe
Very user-friendly submission platform allowing you to discover a wide range of art. I would recommend Zealous to anyone interested in investing in art.Studio Merjay