Odd October: 11 Experiences You Cannot Miss

Header image by Rob Hollingworth.

You’re looking for creative experiences. You’re looking for a unique evening—something no one else has heard of. You’re looking for something more than a pub crawl, something bigger than a polite watercolor exhibition. You want something you can’t find on Time Out.

We’re here for you.

Here are the wackiest October events we could dig up — from 900 B.C. open mics and late-night museum performances to Inter-Chronological pop-ups and gallery supper clubs, we’ve got the experiences of a lifetime. Or, at least, of a season. Enjoy October!

1. Dinner at the Twits

“90 minutes of entertainment from the worst hosts ever.”

Unleash your grimiest inner child at this gross and delightful performance by Les Enfants Terribles and ebp. Explore Roald Dahl’s characters Mr. and Mrs. Twit in their windowless house and garden for an unforgettable evening of interactive gruesome dining with gastronomy experts Bompas & Parr. Their “distressing recipes” include glass eye prickly cocktails, bird pie, and perilous pudding. Actual children not allowed.

Evenings (except Mondays) through October. Tickets from £75.

2. Aural Ectoplasm: Candlelit Performance by Tape Loop Quartet

We promise, you’ve never heard something like this before. This project creates musical compositions and performance by manipulating natural acoustic sounds on a quartet of vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders. They will perform live in the Brompton chapel. Enjoy a cocktail and a 20% donation to the restoration at Brompton cemetery as you wander through this ethereal and exclusive evening.

Sunday, October 9. Tickets from £12.

3. Druids in the Deadhouse

This is anything but a typical Friday. Up for an Iron Age open mic night? Join Druids in the Deadhouse for a night of stand up, drinks and treats, and non-lethal human sacrifice. Start on the Thames. Enter The Deadhouse, Somerset House’s secret chamber, and celebrate with Celtic charm and interactive installations amongst 17th-century headstones. Buy tickets now and let robing rituals on the Thames be part of your typical Friday.

Friday, October 28. Tickets £10.

4. Shh! Maman Le Mot

Can you blend in with 1940’s Parisian culture? This will be good practice! It’s 1943, and the French Resistance are recruiting secret agents to battle to liberate France. Practice your new accent and skills, enjoy a three-course menu, and don’t let the gestapo catch you. End your night with celebratory drinks and swing dancing (if you make it, that is!).

Every weekend of October. Tickets start at £17.50.

5. The Colony: A Film Installation by Dinh Q. Lê

Visit a 1908 cinema and immerse yourself in the desolate environment of the Chincha Islands. The brainchild of Vietnamese artist and filmmaker Dinh Q. Lê, The Colony explores indentured labour and the violent battles for trade and natural resources over islands made entirely out of guano. Birds recolonised the otherwise uninhabited Peruvian islands, which were abandoned following the development of chemical fertilisers at the start of the 20th century. Haunting and brilliant video installation brought to you by London-based arts production organisation Artangel.

Closes October 9. Free entry.

6. Catastrophic Boosh: Artist Lock-In

A “smorgasbord” of writers, painters, musician, illustrators, make-up artists, poets, dancers, and instigators are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Mighty Boosh at The Book Club (Shoreditch). Pay a tenner to see a live episode that they’ve just dreamt up in a single day. Yes – these creatives will write, rehearse, costume, design, and score a script the same day they perform it for you.

Sunday, October 30. Tickets £10 –  £15.

7. The Gramounce: A Dining Exhibition

“The dinner is a gallery, the gallery is a menu, the exhibition is a supper club.”

After this meal, art galleries will never look the same. This group contextualises art in a dining setting to relax guests and make contemporary art more accessible to them. They organise dinners wherever the featured artist is commissioned to exhibit! What’s even better: all tickets pay for the curator, cook, and artist. Next dinner: You Have Not Been Honest (featured artist: Sam Carvosso

Saturday and Sunday, October 22 and 23. Tickets £39.

8. The Ultimate Dinner Party

Knock on a little yellow door in Notting Hill and make your way to a secret flat full of intricate cuisine and unique cocktails. Play dinner party games and fill your face with a four-course dinner (including punch!) in this transformed, quirky, and intimate living room dining experience.

Every Friday in October. Tickets from £35.

9. Epic Sundays: Myths Retold at the British Museum

Brought to you by the Crick Crack Club, a performing troupe including a professor of storytelling (yes, such a thing exists) who revive ancient myths and legends amidst the stories’ actual artifacts. Expect music as well (possibly a harp and/or sitar). This month, hear the Hindu myth of Kali, or about Odysseus’ “accidental decade of a gap year.”

Sundays at 3 pm. Tickets £6 – £8.

10. The Danse Macabre: A Halloween Ball

There is no better way to usher in Halloween than in top hats, masks, bustles, and ballgowns in the opulent Clapham Grand Theatre. Dress for another time and get lost in the crowd and the chaos while a full night’s lineup of artists take the stage and keep you on your toes. Hosted by The Last Tuesday Society and featuring cabaret artist Sarah Olivier, the Rumpsteppers, the Chivaree Circus, and the Celestial Saloon.

Friday, October 28. Tickets from £10.

11. A Letter to my Future Self

“The future is an exciting place.” Do you know what it has in store for you? (Besides Brexit.) What would you tell your future self? Join Ladies of the Press and Bea Turner at Southbank Centre for an interactive workshop at the “Inter-chronological Postal Service:” a theatrical pop-up postal service station that will inspire you to think ahead.

Saturday, October 8. Free.