At the start of this year we promised you that Zealous was changing, and we have! Armed with the mission to empower creativity worldwide, we’ve evolved to better serve talented creatives from across all disciplines and also clients looking for those very skill.

In the last 3 months we’ve created a brand new website explaining our vision, listed some high profile opportunities, written a set of comprehensive help files and with today’s launch of our new home page we’ve fired the starting gun on a bright future for both creatives looking for work/competitions/grants and companies searching for the ideal talent for their briefs/festivals and more.

What comes next? More of everything. More opportunities for the creatives, more talented creatives with amazing skillsets for the organisations and more functionality upgrades throughout. The front page was the tip of the iceberg, all of our old pages will be revamped by the end of the year, starting with alerts (for a full list of upgrades). We’d like to do them all in one go but our team has 10 collective arms, so we’ve focussed on the most important pages first.

How does that impact you? Well simply, there’s never been a better time to join us in pioneering the future creative collaboration. You can find out more on how Zealous can help your find the right talent here, or alternatively if you are creative talent check out how to make the most of our free service here.

We’d love to count you amongst us as we continue our epic journey to a more creative world.

Guy Armitage
CEO, Zealous