Pictures taken at Zealous X

We are honoured and delighted to have been granted essential development funds from Arts Council England! This does not only mean that our festival’s actions and initiatives are going to be supported, but also that we will be able to film Zealous X’s sought after industry talks and make them available to audiences online for free.

We know you can’t wait that long but also you don’t want to miss out on the networking opportunities our dedicated talks can offer you, therefore, just join us at the Rich Mix. Make sure you book your ticket as soon as possible as they are selling out. You can buy a Day Talk ticket for only £29. Don’t forget to check our programme of gigs, performances and industry talks starting at just £8!

Opportunities to Grow are presented on Monday 11 January and give a whole new meaning to the word all creatives love to hate: Funding. Keynote speakers such as Sir Peter Bazalgette, chairman of Arts Council England, Caroline Norbury and CEO Creative England and Martin Smith, advisor to the CEO of Ingenious, give their insight into national, European and corporate potentials. Book your ticket here for only £29.

The chance to Evolve and embrace the brave new digital world is presented on Tuesday 12 January 2015! Anthony Lilley, OBE, Chief Creative Officer and CEO at Magic Lantern, Tommy Howard, Head of Creative at Holition and Tom Szirtes, Director at Mbryonic discuss how virtual reality, 3d installations and digital media innovation can help you reinforce your artistic mission. Book your ticket here for only £29.

The secret power to Engage your audience is revealed to you on Wednesday 13 January 2015 by Anne Morrisson, Chair BAFTA, James Walker, Head of Marketing at Channel 4 and Jeremy Waite, Head of Digital Strategy at Salesforce. From classic and tested to new and innovative nano-budget approaches, a large spectrum of solutions to maximize your potential are analysed. Book your ticket here for only £29.

With creation comes Challenge to push the social and political boundaries, change perceptions, promote inclusiveness and eliminate injustice. Visual Artist Sarah Maple, Kim Evans OBE, Chair Clean Break and Auro Foxcroft, founder of Village Undergroud deliver inspiring sessions on how Art can help change the world around you, on Thursday 14 January 2015. Book your ticket here for only £29.

Last but not least, Zealous X provides you with the opportunity to Learn. New trends, behaviours and ground breaking ways to pursue further education and cross-industry careers is brought to you by visionaries, analysts and top marketers such as Dave Birss, Editor at Large at The Drum, Amy Smith, Global Head of Recruitment at Framestore and Greg B Davies, Head of behavioural-quant finance at Barclays. Book your ticket here for only £29.

See you at the talks!