6 Submissions Platforms We Know You’ll Love

Image by Tanya Fryer.

At Zealous, our goals serve the heart of the creative ecosystem. Whether supporting visual artists, musicians, theatre practitioners or writers, we are always finding ways to making the creative community as fluid as possible. Our online submissions platform is an instrument to support this fluidity, providing a method for organisations to source talent for their opportunities in a digital age. We know we’re not the only ones! As with any product in a vast market, you need to be sure of which platform is right for you. As a submissions platform provider, we’ve conducted research into some of the industry’s most popular software, highlighting key offerings and enabling you to make a full and informed decision when structuring your Open Call.

The Dots
Key Offers

  • Host a deep talent network for both creatives and their facilitators.
  • Use this “LinkedIn alternative” to focus on growing your team with creative personnel, creating a company page and support your brand to attract new team members.
  • Headhunt and search candidates with the Recruiter Pro Plan.

  • Single Job Post: £195
  • 3 Job Post Pack: £525
  • 5 Job Post Pack: £775
  • Recruiter Pro Plan: £25 per month
Google Docs
Key Offers

  • Covers all the basics, compatible with Microsoft Word.
  • Easy to collaborate and share with people who are interested in submitting.
  • Organisers are responsible for all administration and manual submissions management.
  • No function to accept submission fees.
  • When using Google Docs, Google gains a license to use your content if they wish.

  • Free
Key Offers

  • Build and showcase a portfolio, creating your own mini-communities with “Swarms.”
  • Grow your network with a strong creative community of 75,000+ members.
  • Hiive regularly updates latest opportunities on social media and shares with their networks.
  • Your chosen page on Hiive will remain on rotation in the “Editor’s Pick” sections in the “Swarms” or “Companies” page for the duration of your sponsorship.

  • Latest article pin (7 days): £100 +VAT
  • Latest article pin (30 days): £300 +VAT
  • Editor’s pick pin (7 days): £200 +VAT
  • Editor’s pick pin (30 days): £700 +VAT
Key Offers

  • Access the OLIST, a targeted marketing system that reaches out to artists who regularly apply to OESS Open Calls.
  • Send regular reminder emails and newsletters ensuring artists never miss a deadline.
  • Access a customisation screen, building each Open Call to your specific needs.
  • Organisations receive their entry fee funds at the end of the Open Call process (rather than on a rolling basis).

Uses Paypal for submissions.

  • £3.50 per Artwork Entry for the first 500 entries
  • £2.50 per Artwork Entry for the second 500 entries
  • £1.00 per Artwork Entry for entries over 1000
Key Offers

  • With an easy to use drag/drop interface, Submittable’s powerful custom forms make it easy to tailor your page.
  • Comment on submissions, easily communicate with your team, and structure the workload around your process.
  • Integrate your call into your organisation’s page and gain greater data insights, custom features, and workflows with VIP and White Label services.
  • Artists are allowed up to 1MB uploading capacity.
  • No network of talent-the emphasis is on their functionality.

  • Available via quote from the Submittable team
Key Offers

  • Access a growing network of 11,000+ creatives with in-depth portfolios, allowing you their full story.
  • Create your call, receive and manage submissions, judge shortlists and final round, and automate communications all through Zealous’ platform.
  • Zealous’ creative network reaches across all cultural disciplines (visual arts, digital, music, performance, video, film, craft), spreading your opportunity and brand to a wider audience.
  • Zealous reaches an engaged on-the-ground community with monthly Meetup events and get-togethers.

  • Open Calls: £30 + 10% of submission fees
  • Listings: £45
  • Premium: £190 per week (Zealous runs the whole process—from marketing to submission management—on your behalf)