Creativity has always been core to who we are and what we do, it has informed our need to create Zealous to bring the creative disciplines together in order to help creative talent find opportunities based on their portfolios; and support organisations in sourcing creative talent for jobs, exhibitions, competitions and more.

The works we’ve seen have delighted, challenged, entertained, impressed and soothed us (one even led to tea coming out of my nose). We’ve had submissions from the old York to the New York, including 3 from Syria during times of war. Whilst the organisations we’ve been fortunate to work with have pushed our understanding of the industry, its evolution and the creative economy as a whole.

The experience has been intense and enriching and needs to be shared with you beyond the web.

The Zealous X creative festival was born, not just to act as a platform to showcase the best creative talent from and help forge lasting collaborations across disciplines and industries; but also host talks alongside the works discussing the inspirations, challenges and the future of our sector as a whole, bringing together policy makers, arts organisations, agencies, technologists, start-ups and importantly the artists that define the future creative output of our country.

We want you to embark on a discovery of creativity and help us define our future.

Be inspired, be wowed, be challenged and help us unleash a new generation of creativity.

Guy Armitage


Founder and CEO of Zealous; a London-based startup matching creative talent with opportunities.Guy has been published in Forbes, and spoke at TEDx and CreativeXPO where he advocates the importance of creativity. In his spare time he's an avid stills photographer, won the Tate Modern Hackathon in partnership with Ai WeiWei, and featured (for a wooping 6 seconds) in a horror film