Why Zealous Exists

Image by Isabella Piggott.

While photographing stills for short film sets, I realised how complex the creative process can be; from behind the lens, I observed teams of cross-discipline creatives collaborate with complete dedication on projects with little to no monetizable value. This prompted my exploration of other sectors, the creative process, team formation and functionality, and similarities between creative disciplines.

Creating isn’t easy. It’s a constant balance of making time to produce great work, seeking the resources to do so, sourcing the talent to make it happen, and keeping up with shifts in technology, distribution, funding…

Whether you are creative, dependent on creatives, or both, our goal is to save you time and money that you can reinvest into creating more quality content, making greater profit, and generating further opportunities for the creative eco-system. Creating this virtuous cycle for creativity is a win-win for everyone.

Zealous was born out of that need to support creativity. That’s why we built a single online location from which you can source talent, no matter the project. For creatives, this means quick access to a steady flow of opportunities based on their portfolios. For those seeking creative talent, it’s a set of tools that make sourcing talent and curating submissions simple and efficient.

We strongly support ethical creativity and find spec work destructive to the future of our sector—this is why we believe that, as with any other job, your portfolio / CV alone should prove your qualifications and land you opportunities. It’s also why we highlight rewards that creatives receive in an opportunity and why we allow them to submit existing work multiple times without uploading it over and over again.

We also structured how we fund ourselves based on supporting you. Zealous is free for creative talent—we don’t charge membership fees (and we never will); in our opinion, paying to find work is counterintuitive—you can’t make money without money! We also don’t charge agency fees for those sourcing talent—instead, we offer packages allowing anyone access to streamlined applications and curated talent online, simplifying the process of finding perfect candidates for exhibitions, jobs, residencies, projects as much as possible. For those who just want talent on tap, or bespoke projects, we can help with that too.

We believe in a world where the creative industries are not just self-sustaining, but thriving, and we aim to lead by example. We are for-profit: we want to make money, but for the right reasons (think of us as “not-just-for-profit”). This allows us to scale and improve our services and invest them back into the eco-system (just imagine a global network of creative accelerators, with residencies worldwide!). Money has already been reinvested into offering artists a physical platform with our Zealous X festivals and through our Meet Series, putting emerging talent into the press…and we’ll be looking to do much more of that as we grow.

Creativity enriches our world both economically and socially. We’re here to amplify that and hope you’ll join us on this exciting creative journey!

Guy Armitage