Meet Chynna

Meet Chynna Guyat, Brighton based Photographer and winner of Zealous Stories Photography. Practicing between Brighton and London, Chynna's style is heavily influenced by film, showing how even the most basic moments could be a scene from a film through colour, style, composition and drama.


Meet Yijin

Meet Yijin Huo, Product and Experience Designer and winner of Zealous Stories Ceramics. Based between London and Beijing, Yijin focuses on data visualisation, material research, emotional expression, cultural experience and cross-sectoral experiments, presented in the form of product design, spatial design, sculpture and installations.


Meet Oskar

Meet Oskar Krajewski, winner of It's Art Call 2018, hosted by The Cult House on Zealous.Inspired by visions, dreams, technological and spiritual studies and practice, Oskar invests his time in solid and complex sculptures that are thought-provoking, interactive and incredibly detailed.