Creative Resources: Self-Promotion

Many creatives shy away from self-promotion fearing they’ll be branded arrogant, but their fear is misplaced. If you don’t tell people about what you do – and why you do it – how will they know? If you want to create a sustainable business then you’re going to need customers, supporters and champions. Self-promotion will get you there.


Jie Gao: Oasis

Zealous Stories Illustration winner, Jie Gao, is a London based visual artist and graphic designer. Her winning series, Oasis, uses digital art techniques to express deep-seated loneliness, as the main character gradually looses herself, paralysed by the modern world.


Kate MacRitchie: Fairy Words

Zealous Stories: Short Story winner, Kate MacRitchie, grew up in a small town in the heart of Scotland - a place of Fingalian legend and high, windy fields. Her writing is driven by the shadow selves we keep secret, collective memory and the meeting of landscape and language.