Each and everyone one of us is here because we love what we do, and..

Empowered to change the company

Interns to CEO’s, good (and bad) ideas come from anyone. The environment we work in, and respect we have for one another, allows any one of us to speak up and enrich our future.

We are a Meritocracy

What we do is much more important than who we are. We reward ongoing excellence, nothing more, nothing less.

Agility is key

Just like our product; we ourselves push our limits and constantly learn from our experiences. We’re not afraid of being told that we’re wrong; so long as it’s better for the company.

Serious about work, not about ourselves

Ego’s only get in the way of progress and efficient communication. We know how to laugh at ourselves and instead apply our energy to the issues we face as a company as a unique entity.

We think BIG

We have massive ambitions; so you won’t often find us chilling in our comfort zone and if we are that means we’re not thinking big enough.

Make mistakes, but don’t make them twice

We always aim for success, but a direct by-product of ambition and the empowerment of our team is making mistakes. We value them, we learn from them, share them with everyone and never make them again.

Collaborators not Competitors

When working alongside each other; it’s not about who’s idea it is; but how the idea can be developed to best suit the business. We value each other’s opinion and skills to build towards the common goals highlighted in this document. We don’t compete against each other.

No positions opened?

Let us know what you can do by sending us a CV and we’ll be in touch when a position opens up