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  • More Insights by Guy Here's to 2020 As a nation we may not agree with choices that were made in 2019. But a new decade is upon us and there has been no better time to learn from the past and focus on building a future in a society...
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    2020 Update
  • Being a creative can be tough. For all the time you spend doing what you love, you’ve got to put in the same number of hours trying to get others' attention and making the money you need to sustain yourself. These lessons will help you along the way.
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    11 Life Lessons If You're A Creative
  • Contemporary landscape painter, Tori Tipton, explores our emotional response and attitudes towards the natural environment.  Her work is an amalgamation of recollections, observations and experiences. Amidst these ambivalent forces of nature, one can retreat from civilization and reconnect with the earth.
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    Tori Tipton: Forces of Nature
  • 6 books that will spark creative minds to develop their craft and inspire those around them.
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    6 Books To Read In 2020
  • Get into the festive spirit this December and explore the array of Christmas markets and winter fairs that the UK has to offer! Whether you’re looking for gift inspiration, or simply want to indulge in mince pies and mulled wine - you’re sure to find something to enjoy from...
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    A Crafty Christmas