What makes us tick

Passion oozes (yeah sounds gross, but it really does) out of everything we do, our team, our product, our users and clients. It’s no wonder our company’s name means just that.

We are who we serve

The only way to support our community is to fully understand their challenges first hand. Each and every member of our team has experience and a built in passion for the creative; and when we don’t, we’ll go out of our way to learn by throwing ourselves in the deep end and try it ourselves.

The Creatives & Clients are King

If we could afford to go around and give them all little crowns we would. We were born to support creative talent; everything we do at the company is focused around serving creatives as best we possibly can to allow them to do what they do best, create.

Long term vision

It’s not about flipping a company to an investor in 3 years’ time; we’re in it for the long term.

Money, for the right reasons

Yes, we aim to make money, and lots of it. For without it we cannot fulfil our ambitions to give our community an amazing service, grow, improve and reward those individuals that make Zealous great. But each pound entrusted in us will be reflected 10x in the value of the services we provide.

Transparency & Trust over all else

We have nothing to hide and encourage communication to allow us to evolve into the best we can be as individual and as a company.

Built in Diversity

You won’t see the word diversity anywhere else in our communications. We don’t flaunt it; we prove it through who we are.

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