Keep track of new Zealous features, improvements and fixes.

Coming soon

deployed in stages when ready

For Everyone

  • Improved profile layout (in progress)
  • Zealous framework upgrade to JSON – allowing for faster load times and integrations with 3rd party apps. (in progress)
  • Black and white skins (in progress)
  • New explore pages
  • Improved submission cycle for individual works (one image/video/song…) or projects (multiple images/videos/songs) (deployed)
  • Streamlined registration process for candidates, judges and organisations (deployed)
  • New home page (deployed)

Hosting Opportunities

  • Completely upgraded Opportunity page (in progress)
  • Completely upgraded My opportunities page
  • Updated invoicing page to include money in and allowing refunds to candidates
  • Customise all emails
  • Switch off candidates result emails (deployed)
  • Report speed up (deployed)

Applicants & Creators

  • Completely upgraded My submissions page
  • Completely upgraded recommendations page
  • View all information about past submissions
  • Move projects in your portfolio
  • Preview submissions the way organisations will see them (deployed)
  • Rotate images (deployed)
  • Experience it now
    Generate a demo you can experience immediately.
  • Submit to exciting opportunities
    takes 2 minutes 🙂