Keep track of new Zealous features, improvements and fixes.

January '21

version 245 / deployed 2021-01-14

Hosting Opportunities

  • Status emails for opportunities are now branded to come from the organisations directly
  • Content in all automated emails has been updated
  • Reply to emails go directly to hosts of the opportunity
  • Application form questions are now added in the right order (last one added, will show as last question, not first question).

Mid May '20

versions 233 & 234 / deployed 2020-05-26

For Everyone

  • Fixed issues raising invoices automatically due to an update to the Xero API

Hosting Opportunities

  • Restrict the number of items you accept as part of your submission
  • Complete redesign of the rounds and schedule pages to give you a better experience managing your schedule
  • Judges declining to take part in your opportunity, no can do so directly from a link in the email
  • Order categories in list boxes to be from A-Z
  • Default the category list box to be empty in submissions

Applicants & Creators

  • Rotate images directly on your submission
  • Experience it now
    Generate a demo you can experience immediately.
  • Submit to exciting opportunities
    takes 2 minutes 🙂