No matter if they are managing a call, submitting, or a judging. Our network loves us!

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  • Peter Higgin
    What a great way of shining light on and developing emerging talent! I feel privileged to have had access to the work of an amazing array of artists.
    Punchdrunk (Co-founder)
  • Nakamarra
    We’re from a small town on the Isle of Wight where opportunities like these don’t happen too often. We’re incredibly grateful and recommend it to anyone wanting to progress in their creative field.
    Emerge Music Prize Finalist
  • Emma-Marie Smith
    It’s incredible to share work that’s so close to your heart and be commended by leading industry figures, so I’m thankful for this opportunity.
    Emerge Creative Writing Prize Winner
  • Sally Shaw
    Zealous proved critical to the success of our region-wide photography competition.They created an appropriate platform for us to manage over 1000 entries. Anticipating problems, finding solutions and always being there. Amazing.
    Firstsite (Director)
  • Harriet Bridgeman CBE
    The judging process was simple and easy to follow.
    Artists Collecting Society (Chairman)
  • Elizabeth Mizon
    Zealous is remarkable. This is the first time I’ve come across a promotional profile that so easily allows submission to numerous competitions and opportunities. Really happy to be a part of it
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