Frequently Asked Questions

1. Register & Login

I forgot my password

Click “Login”, and then “I forgot my password”. Enter your username or e-mail address, and you’ll receive an e-mail prompting you to change your password.

Are there any age requirements for setting up an account?

You must be 16+ to use Zealous.

Can I change my username?

Yes, this can be done in your Settings, along with changing your password and email address. 

Will I receive email notifications?

Yes, we’ll keep you updated on opportunities you applied for, and opportunities that are relevant to your creative discipline. You can change your email preferences at any time.

2. Creating Open calls

How can I create an open call?

On the Opportunities section of your profile, click “create new opportunity”.

Can I charge a submission fee for my open call?

Yes! View our pricing structure.

Can I edit my open call once it’s live?

You can change the deadlines you have set for submissions, judging and final decisions, but you can’t make amends to the requested criteria mid-way through a call.

3. Managing your call

Can I get a refund for my submissions?

Refunds are at the discretion of the opportunity organiser. Check the opportunity guidelines for clarification. 

Will I get feedback on my submissions?

You’ll be able to contact opportunity organisers for feedback, though they may not always have time to provide specifics.

How long will it take to get a response?

All timelines are labelled on the individual opportunity pages.

What payment information do you need?

All payments go through PayPal. You don’t have to provide Zealous with any payment information directly.

When do I get paid?

Once an open call has finished, a member of the team will be in touch to arrange payment.

4. Submitting to calls

How do I submit?

Login and submit to opportunities from the opportunity page directly. You will be served recommended opportunities via your profile, and can filter by discipline on the homepage.

How do I edit a submission?

You’ll see your submissions in the submissions tab of your profile. From there you can edit, check the status of, and if need be, withdraw your submission.

Can people see what I’ve submitted to?

Only people who’ve submitted to an opportunity will be able to see the submissions for that opportunity.

Can I submit password protect content?

Absolutely. You can either include the password as additional text, or there will likely be a section for it in the application form.

5. Your Profile

What are alerts?

The alerts tab inform you of actions to be completed on your account, be that uploading a profile photo, adding to your portfolio, or judging a call. You won’t be shown new opportunities in this tab.

What are recommendations?

This is where you’ll see new opportunities tailored to your artistic discipline.

What are inspirations?

This is where you can highlight artists on Zealous that you really love. When browsing the platform, click the heart button on any project to add it to your inspirations tab.

6. Portfolio

How do I make my portfolio stand out?

This is all down to you! Give yourself a profile photo and add a few projects that you feel best represent your work.

How do I find new opportunities?

You’ll be recommended new opportunities relevant to your discipline via your profile. We also share new opportunities on our social media channels and via our newsletter, so there’s plenty of ways for you to keep up to date.

Do I give up or transfer any rights to my work?

In short, no. You own the rights to everything. It’s your work, it’s your intellectual property. By uploading your work to Zealous you give us permission to share your work on our site, across our social media channels and on our marketing materials, accompanied by a credit.

What kind of artist do I need to be to have a Zealous account?

We take all comers. Graphic designers, illustrators, filmmakers, fine artists, musicians, models. There’s no restriction.

Who can see my portfolio?

Anyone can see your portfolio.

7. Judging a Call

Can I be a judge of my own open call?

No, as there would be little need for you to judge your own call, as you get to make the final selection yourself. Judges are there judging functionality is only enabled for inviting external judges. You cannot invite yourself to judge an open call, however you will still make the final decision.

8. Explore & Search

How can I interact with other artists?

Currently you can’t directly interact with other artists via Zealous, but if you are working collaboratively on a project, you can invite them to be collaborators on the site. Also, we actively promote and engage with our artists on social media, so you can interact with them there.

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