This is how you start receiving submissions from artists for whatever your project may be. When you create an opportunity, registered artists will be alerted via their profile, and you’ll be able to track the reach of your opportunity via the dashboard. This is how to make the most out of any opportunity you choose to list.

To create an opportunity on Zealous you must register with Zealous.

1. Opportunities Tab

Once registered to Zealous you’ll land on your account overview.

There’s a navigation menu under the page header. Select the ‘Opportunities’ tab and you’ll navigate to the opportunities page.

Your opportunities page will display opportunities ‘Created by you’ and ‘Recommended for you’. The former will list all opportunities you have created, including open opportunities for which you’re currently accepting submissions. The latter will recommend opportunities to you based on the works you have added to your portfolio and how you’ve described yourself as an artist.

2. Create a New Opportunity

In the page header, you’ll see the button ‘Create an opportunity’. Once you click this, you’ll see a popup asking, “What do you need talent for?”

Select the most relevant option and you’ll navigate to the opportunity set up.

3. Opportunity Set Up

Opportunity title: Be short and to the point. Who are you looking for and what’s the incentive? If you’re only looking for artists in a specific area, include that here too.

Opportunity description: A 260 character description of your opportunity. Here you can be more specific about who you’re looking for and what you’re offering artists.

3.1. Opportunity Description
3.2. What talent do you need?

Refine by Field or Refine by Role. Refining by field is useful when you want to cast a wider net and target a broader range of artists within a particular discipline: Art, Film, Music, Photography or Performance.

Refining by Role is when you’re looking for a specific skill set, e.g. producer, director, graphic designer, etc. Anyone who has tagged themselves as one of these roles within an opportunity will then be alerted.

3.3. Where should the talent be based?

Cast the net far or close. You can refine your criteria by country or by city. Multiple countries and cities may be added by clicking the ‘+’ symbol.

3.4. Rewards

In this section you have the opportunity to indicate the benefits for the creatives you select.

Use the drop down menu to select the type of reward and include a brief description next to it. Select ‘Other’ to list a reward unique to your opportunity, apply its own label and add a description.

Multiple rewards may be added by clicking the ‘+’ symbol. The more rewards you add and the better the rewards are, the more submissions you’re likely to get. 

3.5. Opportunity Guidelines

The Guidelines indicate the background to the opportunity and how to apply.

You can make this section as rich as you like by illustrating your text with images and media, using the ‘upload’ or ’embed’ buttons. You may also include hyperlinks.

3.6. Are you taking submissions on Zealous?

Taking submissions on Zealous cuts down on admin, encourages a greater number of users to submit and means you can manage your opportunity all in one place. By selecting ‘yes’, you’ll be able to use Zealous’ submissions functions to collect and review entries, as well as invite external judges (more on that later).

Selecting ‘No’ categories your opportunity as a ‘listing’, meaning you can direct users to an external URL. Artists will still be recommended the opportunity via their profile.

4. Process
4.1. Rounds

When taking submissions via Zealous you have the option of adding stages to the decision process. This is a way to narrow down applicants in stages, rather than choosing one winner from a large field, for example. This is totally optional – if you want you can skip straight to the selection process.

This is also how you include a round where external judges can get involved.

4.2. Adding A Public Vote

At this stage, there’s an option to add a public vote to your opportunity. Selecting this option will mean all projects submitted will come up with a ‘vote’ button on the ‘all entries’ tab. Any viewer can cast their vote for their favourite. 

When you are managing your call, you can see how many people have voted for each project via the ‘submissions’ tab.

4.3. Inviting Judges

If you’ve opted to invite judges to review the submissions and participate in the selection process (by selecting ‘Yes’ in the relevant round), enter your judges’ names and email addresses. If they’re already Zealous users, you can just enter their username. The judges will receive an email inviting them to judge your opportunity (see Judging An Open Call for more details). Judges will be notified automatically when they can start judging, two days before judging ends, when judging ends, and when final winners have been selected.

4.4. Opportunity Schedule

This is where you can indicate the key dates and times for your opportunity (i.e. when submissions open & the deadline). You can also add other key details such as dates of an event, presentation or awards evening. The dates you input here will trigger automated emails to applicants to keep them updated at every stage.

4.5. Customise Application Form

When you opt to customise the application form (by selecting ‘Yes’), you can add additional questions to your process. This is useful if you want to accept password-protected content, or if you want to know anything further about the artists you’re selecting.

You can make the answers optional or required, and apply a textfield or yes/no format.

4.6. Charging a Submission Fee

If you wish to charge applicants to make their submission you can enter the amount you’d like to charge. Zealous will show you how much you’ll receive after the fees have been deducted. View our full pricing structure.

5. Preview your Opportunity

When you have set up your opportunity and clicked ‘Next’, you’ll be navigated to the opportunities tab of your account overview.

You’ll see an opportunity preview image. Should you wish to edit the details, click the settings icon and select edit opportunity from the pop up menu.

On clicking ‘Edit Opportunity’ you’ll be navigated to the Opportunity Dashboard. The menu will allow you to navigate to the opportunity overview or process pages. You can also select ‘Preview’ to view the opportunity as potential applicants will see it.

Once your opportunity is published, it’s visible to the rest of the world!

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