1. Your Opportunities

When you create a new opportunity you can edit the details or track the submissions you receive from your profile’s opportunities tab.

Click on the gear symbol on the opportunity to reveal your options. The view dashboard button will bring up all the key information about your opportunity.

2. Dashboard

The Dashboard collates data on the interaction with your opportunity. You can use this information to understand how many people are viewing the details and making the steps to apply.

From the Dashboard you can also navigate to your submissions, edit the details of your opportunity and preview the opportunity.

The Dashboard comprises 2 Sections:

2.1. Submission Progress

Submissions Progress is shown as a graph detailing the number of entries received whilst your call is open, both draft (the orange line) and complete (the white line). Hover over any point in the graph to see the number of drafts or complete submissions for that day.

In this section you can also filter your totals by location and field.

2.2. Application Journey

Application Journey shows how many people have engaged with your opportunity from reading the listing to completing their submission. Each step shows the number of visits at that step in the process. Hover on any step to see how many views were acquired, plus the percentage of dropouts or increases in comparison with previous steps.

These are the steps:

  • Listed: Number of times the opportunity was listed on homepage search.
  • Overview: Number of times the opportunity page was viewed.
  • Project: Number of visits to the page for uploading a new or existing project.
  • Form: Number of times a user has reached the application form after uploading a project.
  • Confirm: Number of completed submissions.
3. Submissions

From the Dashboard, you can access ‘Submissions’ via the navigation bar or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the ‘Submission’ button.

When landing on the Submissions page, the default view is ‘All Entries’.

3.1. All Entries

You will see all previews of all entries submitted to your opportunity. Click on the preview image or the title of the project to view its contents.

If you wish to see the applicant’s profile, clicking on the central image will navigate to the profile and their portfolio of works.

You have access to 2 other views – ‘Select Shortlist’ and ‘Select Finalists’.

3.2. Select Shortlist (if applicable)

‘Select Shortlist’ is only visible where you have opted to include a Shortlist Round in your opportunity process (see: Creating and Open Call).

On clicking ‘Select Shortlist’ you will see all entries. Click the ‘Select’ button on each entry you wish to go through to the next round. Once the selection is confirmed, only the shortlisted entries will be show on this page.

The system will then invite you to send a message to entrants updating them on the status of their entry.

3.3. Public Voting

If you have set up public voting on your opportunity, the projects in your ‘submissions’ tab will reveal the number of votes they have had, and arrange themselves in descending order.

You can also share this page to encourage people to vote for their favourite projects.

3.4. Select Finalists

On clicking ‘Select Finalists’ you will see all shortlisted entries. Click the ‘select’ button on each entry you wish to succeed. Once the selection is confirmed, only the winning entries will show on this page.

The system will then invite you to send a message to entrants updating them on the status of their entry.

4. Preview Opportunity

Visible on the navigation bar is the ‘Preview’ button. Thia allows you to view your opportunity as it appears to other users on Zealous.

On opportunity overview, click ‘Edit’ to return to the dashboard and process functions.

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