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1. Adding your information

This section on the left hand side of your profile, will automatically be filled with the information you provided when you registered. You can edit this information at any time by clicking the pencil icon beside your profile photo.

To add a profile photo, click Upload Profile Photo and choose a file from your computer.

You can also add a nickname, a short 140 character bio and a link to your website.

When you upload a project, your role in the project (for example, Graphic Designer, Director) will also appear in this section.

When you’ve finished, click Save.

2. Alerts

This is where you’ll be alerted to complete actions you have yet to complete.

If you’re halfway through a submission, you’ll be prompted to complete your application.

If you’ve been asked to judge an opportunity, this will also appear in your alerts.

3. What is My Portfolio?

Your portfolio is where you showcase your best work, in the form of projects. You can then use these projects to submit to opportunities. The more work you show, the better your profile will look.

Head here for full details on how to add projects to your portfolio.

4. Finding Opportunities

This tab shows opportunities relevant to your creative field. For example, if you’re a photographer, you won’t see open calls for musicians.

To apply to any open call, just click on the relevant opportunity to find out more and guidelines on how to submit.

5. Inspirations

When you’re browsing Zealous, you’ll see heart buttons on all artists’ projects. Clicking the hearts will add these projects to the Inspirations tab on your profile.

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