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Save time taking applications, managing judges and selecting candidates.

Accept applications without the stress

Ditch cluttered inboxes, complex spreadsheets & clunky systems. Give your applicants an amazing experience and increase submissions to your calls.

Accept unlimited rich media, tailor your application form, download applicant’s data and optionally take submission fees. Zealous keeps everyone up to date and gives you real-time insights into your submissions as they come in.

  • Less admin

    Remove overheads with submissions, judging and selection all in one place.

  • Fits your process

    Get the information you care about the most with our customisable application form.

  • Real-time Feedback

    Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns on your real-time dashboard.

  • Monitor Financials

    Take fees when applicants submit and offer special deals for multiple submissions

  • Scale to your needs

    Taking thousands of submissions? No problem, our systems automatically scale to serve your candidates.

  • Added Exposure

    Complement your marketing with exposure to relevant creative talent on our network

Get other's input seamlessly

Judge giving this entry a high score of 7
Judge giving this entry a low score of 3
Judge giving this entry a medium score of 5
Judge giving this entry a medium score of 5
Judge giving this entry a high score of 6

Break down the workload by inviting others to help judge applications across rounds. Zealous was built to delight judges and remove the complexities of managing people to gather their valuable input.

Plus there is the additional value of engaging with your community or inviting VIPs to increase submissions!

  • Choose the right submissions

    Open the decision making process to your team and guarantee satisfaction in the chosen candidates.

  • Delight Judges

    A process so simple, your stakeholders can focus on what matters most – the submission.

  • Engage with your community

    Get your community involved by opening up to a public vote.

  • Judge on the road

    Judge from anywhere, on any device, at any time during the voting period.

  • Share Comments

    When scores aren’t enough, allow judges to comment on specific submissions. *coming soon!

Select the best candidates effortlessly

Aiko Yeung

2,805 votes

Brent Buban

1,763 votes

Ami Acker

1,003 votes

Jane Doe

1,980 votes

Jason Smith

806 votes

Whether you’re selecting candidates in a single round or across many; Zealous makes selecting the right candidate(s) quick and painless. Use powerful filters and the ability to sort candidates by judges score, number of votes and more.

The platform will even inform all the candidates of their status based on your schedule, so you don’t need to.

  • The info you need

    Access an applicant’s form and portfolio easily, so you can make the best possible decision immediately.

  • Filter Candidates

    Manage large quantities of submissions with powerful filters, multiple rounds, subcategories and more.

  • Retain Control

    Make sure the right candidates are selected by confirming the selection made at the end of each round.

  • No Lock-ins

    Download all the applicant’s full data at any point.

  • Powerful Search

    Only partially remember a candidates information? Our powerful search will help you find them.

  • Effortless Communication

    We automatically keep your candidates and judges informed at each step in your process

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