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  • Fatuma Osman
    Zealous is a welcome alternative to the time-consuming administration of our former system. It allowed our Board members easy access to submissions and the scoring tool simplifies our selection process. The team is very helpful and always there to offer support. Overall the platform is easy to use and intuitive.
    Cultural Affairs (Embassy of Switzerland)
  • Akua Obeng-Frimpong
    Zealous offers a convenient and fair process for managing the applications, but also a way to expose the artists to a range of organisations via judging. Additionally, artists could then encounter other opportunities to pursue on the network.
    Arts Development Officer (Cambridge City Council)
  • Matt Freidson
    Zealous has been a pleasure to use, vastly reducing our workload and really making for an excellent competition.  We received a record number of entries this year, including a big drop in postal/e-mail entries which indicates entrants found Zealous easy to use.
    Deputy Director (Creative Future)
  • Michael Weir
    Zealous is more sophisticated than other platforms we have used and very user friendly. I was surprised by how automatic it is notifying and updating judges, as well as those who have applied. The competition was a success in what has been a very tight timeframe. Thank you for all the help you've given us along the way.
    Belfast Photo Festival (Festival Director)
  • Peter Higgin
    What a great way of shining light on and developing emerging talent! I feel privileged to have had access to the work of an amazing array of artists.
    Punchdrunk (Co-founder)
  • Nakamarra
    We’re from a small town on the Isle of Wight where opportunities like these don’t happen too often. We’re incredibly grateful and recommend it to anyone wanting to progress in their creative field.
    Emerge Music Prize Finalist
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