Reach a Wider Audience

In the creative world, news travels fast as artists and organisations try to build their networks to fulfil their remits. Listing on Zealous is a quick and effective way of spreading the word about upcoming events and job opportunities.

Using Zealous

Access to a network of 10,000 Creatives

Gain access to an ever growing network of creatives. With established and emerging talent from a variety of disciplines; Zealous is agile to the needs of organisations who use the platform.

Time Efficient

Time is a commodity that all successful organisations value very highly. Fast and easy to use, our listing service allows you to interact broadly with you audience.

Real Time Analytics

View applications as they come in real time and follow their journeys in submitting to your listing. Identify any drop-offs to make improvements to your call during the process, and maximise your submissions.

Reach a growing network of 10,000+ creative professionals

In Detail

The Process

Easy and accessible. Here is the Zealous process for how to create a listing, step by step.

Your Account

See an overview of your account. Review your opportunities and portfolio.

The First Step

Follow the Opportunity tab and press ‘Create’.

Craft your Opportunity

This page will be the ‘frontage’ of your opportunity and will therefore be the first point of contact for artists who may apply.

Provide the key details to the role and the company that the prospective candidate will be joining.

Make your Opportunity a Listing

On completing this page click ‘Yes’ in response to ‘Are you taking Submissions on Zealous?’ Then put a link to where Artists can apply to your opportunity.

Define your Process

Organise your timeline to provide a detailed structure of the process from when the process opens until the decision is made.

Apply a Submission Fee

Monetise your listing by taking submission fees. Quick and easy, just select press and define the amount.

Real Time Analytics

Review the activity on your listing from day one to the day the process concludes. Our Dashboard gives a comprehensive breakdown every step of the way.

From Graphic Designers in London, to Spoken Word artists in Yorkshire. We'll help you find the perfect candidate

Define your Journey

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