Image by Tina Remiz.

Dear Zealous Meetup friends,

You’re awesome. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your creativity, your excellent questions, and your presence—last night we launched our first-ever Zealous Meetup, and we couldn’t have done it without you! Big thanks to the brilliant panel (James, Rhiannon, and Merlyn) for transparent discussion and honest answers, and to WaterstonesTCR for letting us take over their space. Nearly 100 of us packed into a book-filled basement for drinks, laughs, and story-sharing with a brilliant panel of collaborative creative professionals who cannot be stopped by funding, freak-outs, or other people’s parameters. This was no ordinary networking event—it was an opportunity to push our boundaries and cross-pollinate creativity. It was the first Meetup of many.

Check out some of last night’s feedback and stay tuned for more photos and updates for what’s on next at Zealous Meetups. We can’t wait to see you there!

– The Zealous team

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