It’s part of a limited-edition series commissioned by Zealous and created by Welsh designer Bronwen Bender.

How did we find Bronwen, and how can you find someone like her?

1. The Challenge

We know that sourcing creative talent is difficult. Finding that unique mix of quality and originality is a challenge.

2. The Solution

That’s why we ran an open call on Zealous. Through our creative submissions platform, artists submitted their portfolio for consideration from all over the world!

3. The process

Within two weeks, we were able to easily accept, filter and judge the submissions on-platform. Bronwen’s diverse portfolio of experimental ink and wire patterns really stood out. She was the candidate we wanted.

4. The Result

After selecting Bronwen with a simple click, we briefed her on the project and left her to weave some creative magic. The unique result is in your hands. Enjoy!

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