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Zealous was born out of a need to simplify direct access to creative talent from any discipline for any project. We do so through customisable open calls allowing organisations and individuals to streamline sourcing creativity, from one unique and beautiful location,

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  • A beautiful free online portfolio and recommended opportunities based on your work. all in one place
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A short history


After selling a majority stake in his previous Cairo business (two weeks before the Arab Spring), Guy Armitage registers Zealous in London.

He spends a year on short film sets as a stills photographer, hangs out in coffee shops, and visits the (then empty) Google Campus, identifying Zealous’ business case and coding the first version of the site himself.


Zealous hits 1,000 registrations and the company hires its first employee, who tends to the growing community. Zealous sets up its operations in a co-working space in Bethnal Green alongside creative freelancers.

The site expands its creative user base by introducing collaboration and tagging team members in portfolios. This allows Zealous users to highlight one another for future collaborations and projects.


Forbes writes an article about Zealous. The economy, it says, can only grow if more people embrace creativity. The Zealous community now clocks at 2,000 creatives, all increasingly vocal about the need for increased access to money and space to allow them to succeed in their craft.

Within 4 months, we organise a festival showcasing 100 creatives from five disciplines on London’s South Bank. All talent is sourced entirely through Zealous. Around 3,000 people visit the space over three days.


Zealous evolves, and it extends services beyond creative talent by building functionality for organisations who can source creative talent for their events and projects through Zealous open calls.

Within months of launch, we work alongside organisations such as The Globe, Upswing and Edge of Arabia, and successfully complete open calls ranging from artists in the Middle East and Africa to Graphic Designers in Yorkshire.


After a successful first festival, Zealous X returns, this time for 10 days, and showcases over 115 creatives in 7 disciplines. The experience includes 30 industry talks covering all aspects of the creative economy. More than 1,000 artists submit their work. The audience is nearly 10,000 people.

Zealous evolves again and allows judges to join and help curate content on open calls.


Zealous launches bespoke services aimed at corporate clients to leverage creativity to engage with their audiences (whilst also supporting emerging talent). The first Zealous Visual Arts Prize, a paid competition for UK arts graduates, is awarded to Molly Palmer.

The network hits 9,000 registered users, 4000 submissions and more than 300 calls. Zealous offers shares to its team and a new Director, Yukie Yokoyama, is appointed as head of Business Development.

Our Future

We won’t rest until our mandate to empower creativity is satisfied. Our priority is breaking down boundaries in accessing the right creative talent, from any discipline, for any of your projects, anywhere in the world.

You can view any real time announcements about the company and all functionality right here, on our news feed.

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Everyone of us thrives on creativity; and most of us actually create ourselves. This allows us a balanced view of the industry’s challenges and provide the best possible experience.

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