Creativity excites us

That’s why we created Zealous, an online platform that empowers creative talent to breathe more creativity into our world, and easing the burden of administration and search for those in need of this creativity.

We are Zealous about bringing the right people together to create, to fuel the creative landscape and let it flourish by matching exciting opportunities with the best Creative Talent.

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Creative Talent
for Creative Talent

What we do

We believe in maximising creative output and minimising the struggles that go along with it.

Zealous empowers and supports Creatives, maximising their exposure to exciting opportunities and highly accomplished judges and curators, as well as allowing for boundless and dynamic collaborations with other Creatives of all discipline. At the same time Zealous takes away the burden of Creative Talent search for those seeking the best talent from across all disciplines for their needs.

Photography by Manos Chatzikonstantis

Our Clients

No Boundaries

It’s not just all online, we believe in breaking the boundaries between the digital and the physical, through Zealous X, an annual event at the heart of London celebrating creativity in all it’s forms, and our upcoming Zealous Spaces, a co-working space for creative freelancers


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